"The measure of Foster's genius, his ability to suck us in with laughter then calmly turn the knife, gives the best of his comic plays a wildly beating heart." -- Hamilton Spectator

Derek Ritschel in the Lighthouse Festival Theatre production of Outlaw.


The Affections Of May
After being deserted by her husband, a woman suddenly finds herself the centre of attention in a small resort town. This was the most produced play in all of Canada in 1991. 2 acts 3m 1f....1990.
Once upon a time, Prince Charming was riding through the forest when he found Snow White fast asleep. He leaned over and kissed her. She opened her eyes and sat up with a smile and everyone was happy. The Prince took Snow White to his palace where they were married and lived happily ever after ... or did they? A Christmas musical fairy tale for the entire family. 2013.
Six different scenes which all feature a bed as their primary focus. A shock radio jock pays a couple five thousand dollars to make love on the air. A woman visits a dying man she feels she hurt years ago. Two men rob a house and discover a shocking secret. An aging rock star is confronted by a groupie. An accident-prone stripper meets with her no-nonsense boss. A woman leaving her husband lectures the movers on the proper way to treat a lady. Fifteen characters and all can be played by only five actors. 2 acts 9m 6f .2006..

An elf named Bob gets banished from the North Pole to learn a lesson about co-operation. Because of his bad attitude, Santa sends him to a small town to help out with their Christmas Pageant. Here Bob is faced with a group of bumbling amateur actors who are doing their best to put on the best darn Christmas show their town has ever seen. 2 acts. 4m 2f 2008....
The Christmas Tree
A tree lot. Christmas Eve. One man. One woman. One tree. Who should get it? Each gives reasons through tales of woe as to why they are more deserving of the tree and each seems unmoved by the other’s predicament. A story filled with laughs, heartache, and good old-fashioned Christmas spirit. 1 act 1m 1f 2008

Dear Santa

Santa Claus tries to fulfill a child's special Christmas wish while his staff attempts to overcome a supply shortage at the North Pole. This is a laugh-filled holiday play innocent enough for the youngest boy or girl, and entertaining enough for adults. 2 acts 4m 2f, plus assorted elves and a choir...2002.
The Death Of Me
When John bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life, he quickly discovers that fixing the mistakes of your past is difficult, and that perhaps his destiny is not yet etched in stone. 1 act 2m 2f...2007.

In this romantic comedy set in the midst of a dysfunctional family reunion, Joe Todd hires Renee Duchene to pose as his fiancee for an evening so that he can impress his father, Ivan. Ivan is coming for a rare visit, and Joe and his sister Carrie are suspicious of his motives. 2 acts 2m 3f..1998.
The play takes place the week before Christmas, as struggling egg farmer/artist, Ethan Claymore meets a woman who could turn his life around, and receives a visit from his estranged, and recently-deceased, older brother. 2 acts 5m 1f...1998.
The Foursome
Four old college chums, home for their fifteen year reunion, hook up for a round of golf and share their successes and failures. A warm, funny play which takes place entirely on the eighteen tees of a golf course. 2 acts 4m...1998.

Norman Davenport feels he was born in the wrong century. As he opens a brand new clothing store, disappointed because he feels forced to cater to more current tastes, he makes a wish that changes his life – and the lives of his two loyal employees – forever. The Gentleman Clothier is a magical tale filled with lessons for us all. 2 acts 2m 2f... 2014.

Investment banker James Bell gets stuck in the sleepy town of Kooshog Lake during their annual fishing derby. It's a fish out of water story that becomes a quirky and hilarious fish IN the water story complete with romance, broken hearts and a shark attack. 2 acts. 3F 2M. 2013.
Halfway There
Dr. Sean Merrit wanders into the small town of Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Recently dumped by his fiancée, he’s looking for a new start and soon meets four local women, each with their own interesting life stories. Laughter, tears and the power of true friendship teach them a lot about themselves and each other. A feelgood theatre experience filled with incomparable Maritime wit and wisdom! 2 acts. 1m 4f....2016
Here On The Flight Path
Set on adjoining balconies in a big city apartment building, the play follows John Cummings as he interacts with three women, Fay, Angel, and Gwen, who become his neighbours over a three and a half year period. Hilarious and, at times, touching. 3 acts 1m 3f (The women's roles can be played by one actress.)...1997.
One ordinary family. One extraordinary day. Set in 1956, Sam and Hilda Fluck are finally on their own after their children Gary and Janey leave the nest. Then, on a September morning, their world changes when Gary loses his job and Janey leaves her husband. A heart-warming and hilarious look back in time. 3m 3f.....2012.
Jasper Station
Written with Steve Thomas, this musical follows six lone travellers as they await their train from Jasper, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia. They each have hopes and dreams, anticipation and fear of what lies ahead. A musical in 2 acts 3m 3f...2001.
Jenny's House Of Joy
The story of four women--Jenny, Frances, Anita and Natalie--who work in a brothel in Baxter Springs, Kansas in the year 1871. A serious play with a comic bent. This authentic western is the companion piece to Outlaw. 2 acts 5f...2006.

Two retirees search for friendship, love, sex and elusive happiness in an assisted living home. Join Jonas and Barry in a laugh-a-minute journey as they search for new ways to spice up their lives and the lives of those around them. This hilarious and poignant story will bring tears of joy and compassion, as Jonas and Barry win your hearts. 2M 1F...2015

Jupiter in July

Donald Springer is facing a moral dilemma. He has fallen in love with a woman half his age. Oh, yes..he's married too. Another of Foster's plays where his trademark "ordinary people" find themselves in extraordinary situations. 2 acts 4m 2f...1997.

On the surface Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun appears to be a story about a disabled man. However, it is also a story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility, and about persevering against the odds. And finally, it is a story about relationships born out of hardship. 2 acts 3m 2f...2001.

The Ladies Foursome is a female version of The Foursome, but with a completely different story. It’s the day after the funeral of a friend, and three women gather for a round of golf in honour of their recently deceased playing partner. They are joined by a fourth woman, another old friend of the deceased that the other three didn’t know about. During the round the women discuss life, love, men, sex, children, careers…everything but golf. Many surprises, secrets and confessions come to the surface during this hilarious and heart-warming round of golf. 2 acts 4f...2014.

The Last Resort
A musical/murder-mystery/comedy written with Leslie Arden. An off-the-wall spoof about a New York restaurateur on the run from the mob. He finds himself at a run-down hotel in Saskatchewan, where everyone who checks in could be the hitman who's out to get him. 2 acts 5m 3f..1997.
The Long Weekend

The truth and lies of a friendship come to the surface during a weekend visit between two couples. There are plenty of surprises along the way in this biting comedy of manners. 2 acts 2m 2f...1994.

Val’s an OR nurse, Andy’s in the storage business, Nina’s a police officer and Matt’s a radio morning show host. They’re middle-aged, single and looking. Val agrees to meet Andy after answering his personal ad in the newspaper. Nina and Matt are coaxed into joining their friends for support. High romance and contagious laughter are the result. 2 acts 2m 2f..2005.

Leon and Bill write up a list of qualities defining the perfect woman, and much to their surprise, she appears. This hilarious and thought-provoking play examines the quest for perfection. 2 acts 2m 1f....2003

In this touching romantic comedy, you'll join the Duncan family as they prepare for the wedding of their daughter. It is the night before the big day, and Maggie's older sister discovers that she knows the groom a little better than Maggie would like her to. 2 acts 3m 3f...2000.
The Melville Boys
Owen and Lee Melville arrive at a lakeside cabin for a weekend of fishing, but their plans are thrown out of whack by the arrival of two sisters who become catalysts for a tenderly funny and unsentimental look at four lives in transition. 2 acts 2m 2f.....1984.
Harry Sullivan hasn't seen his son Drew in thirteen years. And now Drew is coming to Harry's Saskatchewan ranch for a visit. This poignant comedy tells the story of two men who are too stubborn to give in to feelings of the heart. 2 acts 2m 1f .....2006
The Motor Trade
Phil Moss' wife has just left him, he is being audited by Revenue Canada, and his partner, Dan, wants out of the car business. And it's not even noon yet. 2 acts 2m 2f...1991.
Mrs. Parliament's Night Out
After her husband forgets their 32'nd wedding anniversary, Teresa Parliament sets out to find a life for herself outside of the home in this hilarious, life-affirming fable-like tale. 2 acts. A cast of 21 that can be handled by seven actors. 4m 3f.....2012.
My Narrator
Imagine what would happen if that little voice inside your head – the one that tells you how to behave and what choices to make – suddenly took on a life of its own? For Lacy and Miles, love is what happens, and with hilarious results. 1 Act 2m 2f...2006.
Ned Durango Comes To Big Oak
An aging television cowboy star comes to the aid of an economically troubled small town in this funny, sometimes moving play. 2 acts 3m 2f ...1994.
Office Hours
On a Friday afternoon in six different offices in a big city, we follow six different stories which are somehow related. It's a wild ride with an ending that sends the audience into a collective howl. 2 acts Sixteen characters can be played by as few as 3m 2f...1997.

He's recently divorced. She's newly-widowed. At her husband's funeral, an old aquaintance emerges to pay his respects, leading to a re-awakening of forgotten emotions. Old Love is a story of romance, courtship and relationships between older adults. 2 acts. The play can be performed by two actors (1m 1f), by four actors (2m 2f) or by seven actors (3m 4f)....2008

This delightful play tells the story of a very successful, but cantankerous, novelist who suddenly discovers that he knows nothing about his maid of 28 years. She, on the other hand, knows absolutely everything about him! He makes it his mission to learn all he can about her in a most engaging conversation. With revelations that are surprising, funny, and extremely moving, this is a love story, a social commentary and a mystery wrapped in witty dialogue and vivid imagery. 2 acts. 1m 1f....2012

One Moment
One Moment is a funny and touching musical about six employees at a call center who take calls for a series of self-help DVD's entitled, One Moment. One moment is all it takes to change a life and these six, very different lives, will all be altered in one life-changing moment during a normal day of work. 2 acts 3m 3f....2007.

Opening Night

The antics begin as Jack and Ruth Tisdale celebrate their 25'th wedding anniversary with an evening at the theatre. It's a dream come true for Ruth and an imposition for Jack who would rather be at home watching the World Series. However, after the events both on and off the stage that fateful night, their lives and those of all involved are irreparably altered. 2 acts 5m 3f...1989.
A young Canadian homesteader travelling far from home, finds himself accused of murder in the state of Kansas in 1871. With only his wits to defend himself, he turns the law of the land – and the men hellbent on enforcing it – upside down. This authentic western is a unique take on the days when guns were the law. 2 acts 4m..2004.
Race Day
An out of work actor, his estranged daughter, a channeler, a down-on-his-luck gambler, a woman enforcer, two small time thieves and a nun descend on the track for an afternoon of thoroughbred racing. This musical written with Steve Thomas is brimming with laughs, heart, and showstopping songs. 2 acts 4m 4f ..2002.
Sadie Flynn Comes To Big Oak
Convicted husband killer Sadie Flynn is released from prison and decides to get off the bus and make her new home in the small town of Big Oak. Soon after her arrival, strange things begin to happen. 2 acts 2m 3f...2000.
A married couple of second-rate theatre actors cast themselves as nationally renowned self-help gurus. Their lives unravel in a farce as they try to conceal a body and hold on to their falsely won fame. 2 acts 3m 3f....2002.
A furniture store owner is found in the arms of a local minister's wife. The situation becomes complicated when he is mistaken for the minister and attempts to flee the scene. A black comedy. 2 acts 3m 3f. 1983
Sitting Pretty

A musical comedy with heart. Sam Thorn is the host of a hit children's television show and he has a beautiful fiancée. Then his world begins to fall apart. His television show is canceled and his fiancée breaks off their engagement. As a result, Sam sets off in search of new meaning in his life. Along his journey he meets many unusual characters. 2 acts 2M 1F..2005 (*The show can be done by as few as three actors or as many as fifteen.)

A tender, loveable comedy about four innocent people caught in the headlights of making an adult film. The character's shock and discomfort, as well as in the way Foster uniquely tells the story by way of Rollie, a charming narrator who uses asides to the audience about the play and even the playwright himself, all add up to pure fun! Naughty and affectionate all at once. 2 acts 3m 2f.......2009

Small Time

Lounge singer Scott Sherman has a gambling problem and it is about to cost him his nightclub unless he and his keyboard player, Marty Birch, break somebody's legs. Holds audiences spellbound as the story involving sex, violence and romance unfolds. A black comedy. 2 acts 3m 2f...2000.
Set in 1953, this is the story of a damaged World War II veteran and the free-spirited woman who attempts to change his outlook on life. Jack and Emma are thrown together by fate one weekend and their lives will never be the same. 2 acts 1m 1f..2003.
A chance meeting in a restaurant after four years apart, sends a divorced couple flashing back through the highs and lows of their relationship in this charming two-hander. 2 acts 1m 1f...1993.
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