"Theatre doesn't get much better than this."-- Pulse Niagara




A refined piece of theatre that tugs at the heartstrings while tickling the funnybone.

--- The View Magazine


"Heather Hodgson is RIVETING."

---Simcoe Reformer


"Hodgson is a hurricane force."

---Hamilton Spectator


"Derek Ritschel will break your heart. He's warm and lovable, washed over with desperation that seeps from every pore."

---Hamilton Spectator




"Mending Fences has more than its share of laughs. Big laughs. Raunchy laughs." -- Sacramento Bee

"Brilliantly written piece." -- Simcoe Times-Reformer

"The sort of comedy that steals your heart. You'll love it." -- Hamilton Spectator

"So delightful that you can't take your eyes off it for a second." -- Sachem Gazette

"An evening that makes you think as well as laugh." -- Hamilton Spectator

"A must-see for everyone who appreciates the magic of live theatre." -- Dalhousie Peer

"Fantastic and funny." -- Simcoe Times-Reformer

"A touching play. Lovely." -- Hamilton Spectator

Portrays human drama that is relevant to anyone who has ever been a parent, a son or a daughter, which includes us all." -- Dalhousie Peer